LG unveils WCD-800 wireless charger

LG WCD-800 wireless charger

Aside from all the new phones, LG also unveiled a new wireless charger at Mobile World Congress – WCD-800. Designed in the shape of a cradle, it allows users to position their phone vertically to make video calls and send text messages, or horizontally to watch movies while charging.

As with other wireless chargers, you don’t need to physically connect your phone to the charger stand – simply place it on the deck of the cradle and you’re good to go. Using electromagnetic induction, the WCD-800 will then do its magic, relying on electric currents produced by the magnetic fields of the electric coils located under the charger.

Now you may wonder which are devices this charger will work with – the answer is all as long as they are compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)’s Qi standard, which is the global standard for wireless power.

The LG WCD-800 will be introduced first in South Korea followed by North America in the first half of the year.

[Image from Pocket-Lint]

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