Apple launches iPhoto for iPad, $4.99 in the App Store

Apple unveiled the long-awaited iPhoto app. It’s available for $4.99 in the App Store for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad starting today.

iPhoto lets you edit your apps using a number of different tools and functions just like iPhoto for Mac. Photos are organized on shelves sorted by albums, faces, places, or the new journals feature. Tapping on one allows you to make advanced edits for highlights, shadows, white balance, etc. using multitouch gestures. The photos can be up to 19 megapixels in size, and the bigger the photo, the more easily you’ll be able to fine-tune every last detail.

There’s a few effects, too, but nothing major. Think greyscale, vintage, and some others. After you’re done editing, you can share photos to iCloud, Flickr, Twitter, and yes, even Facebook — Apple’s arch nemesis.

We’re glad Apple is bringing iPhoto to the iOS, since it was the last app in the iLife suite and arguably the most popular of the three on the Mac. With that, iLife for iOS is complete!

Apple also updated all the iWork apps to be retina display ready for the (no-name) iPad 3. GarageBand and iMovie got minor updates too with some new features like Jam Session with up to three friends in the former and Theater view in the latter.

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