Flight Control Rocket for iOS navigates its way to space towards a March release

One of Firemint’s first, and some might argue most addictive title, was Flight Control. After its initial release on the iPhone, its been made available on Android, Windows Phone 7, and even a Mac version. The time for a Flight Control sequel has been long overdue, but fans of the original game won’t have to wait long as EA has announced Flight Control Rocket will be made available across iOS devices later this month.

Flight Control Rocket takes the gameplay mechanics we all have learned to love from Flight Control and transferred the experience to space. Instead of landing planes on their respective airstrips, players will now be guiding spaceships into the docks of a giant mothership. The gameplay will be familiar with fans of Flight Control as you’ll draw paths from your spaceship to the mothership and have them land in their respective docks.

Players will be given the opportunity to unlock a number of robots that will assist in boosting their scores. The game promises to deliver the quality and polish players expect out of a Firemint title with a combination of music, animations, and of course, path-drawing gameplay. I wonder if Australia’s space program will be keeping tabs on this game to train their astronauts?

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  • The trailer for this Flight Control sequel looks like it is going to really be a significant step up from the original game. Let the addictions begin!

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