Apple’s iPhone is the top-selling mobile phone in Japan

Apple’s iPhone has become the top-selling mobile phone of any kind in Japan, according to IDC Japan. Yes, you read that right. Not only does Apple’s iPhone outsell all other smartphones in the country, it outsells all other feature phones as well. Apple has managed to garner a 26.6% overall manufacturer market share for the Fall of 2011, with the next highest competitor – Fujitsu/Toshiba – coming in at 18.3%.

Apple’s claim to the #1 spot in Japan comes despite a strong preference in Japan for Japanese-made products, perhaps signifying a shift in the mindset of the ¬†Japanese consumers, at least when it comes to smartphones.


Fall 2011 Market Share

For the full 2011 calendar year, Sharp led the Japanese market with 20.1% of Japanese consumers purchasing a Sharp device, followed by 18.8% for Fujitsu/Toshiba. Apple’s stellar quarter propelled the company to the 3rd best-selling manufacturer for the year. With more and more Japanese consumers opening their arms to Apple’s iPhone, we’ll likely see Apple become the best-selling manufacturer for all of 2012, potentially boosted by the iPhone 5, set to launch this fall.

2011 Overall Market Share


[via Electronista]

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