iPad pre-order delivery date slips to March 19th

As is customary with preorders of hot new Apple devices, customers who waited a few days to pull the trigger on purchasing Apple’s new iPad will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the device. Customers who visit the online Apple store are being greeted with March 19th as the new shipping date, meaning the 19th will be the absolute earliest these customers will receive the device.

Those who braved the intermittently-working Apple Store over the last few days will be seeing their tablets delivered on the 16th, giving them the weekend to hold that retina display over their less-geeky friends.

Of course, if you have your heart set on getting the new iPad as soon as its available and haven’t yet pre-ordered, you can brave the Apple retail store lines on the 16th to get your hands on what we expect will be an extremely limited supply of the new Apple tablet, though you may have to get there a few hours¬†days early to beat the crowds. Or you could always try RadioShack, which has started taking preorders.


[via Apple Store]

  • Jackie

    So Im a little confused. My order says ship by March 19th, not delivered by March 19th. So which is it? Shipped or delivered?

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