Mobile World Congress 2012: Motorola Booth Photo Tour

Mobile World Congress was quite the trip this year and while Motorola didn’t announce much at all this go around, its booth was pretty interesting. Showcasing its durable devices, tablets, MotoACTV, and more, the Motorola booth may not have been the most exciting but it was decent to say the least.

Our biggest hope from Motorola at Mobile World Congress was to see the Intel-based Android device announced, which we’ve already seen renders of. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and we were left wanting at Motorola’s booth this year.

The booth’s highlights included three chambers that showcased how durable some of Motorola’s phones are. There was a chamber full of sand, one of coins, and one with water pouring directly on the device. Motorola calls this “life proof”, which is just a nice way to say you’re clumsy. There was also a somewhat interesting wall of tablets that had various Motorola animations throughout, which at very least made for a good picture.

Take a look at the gallery below to get a feel for the booth yourself!


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