Mobile World Congress 2012: LG Booth Photo Tour

While it’s pretty late to be posting Mobile World Congress stories at this point, we still have a few more photo booth tours we wanted to share with our viewers and this time around, it’s LG’s turn. With the Optimus 4X HD, 3D MAX, Vu, and L-Style line, it’s definitely a booth you didn’t want to miss.

LG’s booth was pretty simple and had a nice layout that showcased each of its new devices well. The Entire L-Style line had its own corner of the booth, as did the new monster Vu. The Optimus 4X HD and 3D Max were both together in the middle but also had their own demo stations to showcase some of their great features.

Out of all of the devices LG announced at the show, I think I’d say I’m most impressed with the Optimus 4X HD. While we’ve seen the display on more recent phones before, when passing by the first time, I literally thought that the phones were dummy units and the screen was just a sticker on top. Oh, no. The screen is just that crisp and has ridiculous viewing angles. It’s impressive when a device’s screen looks so crisp that you mistake it as a fake. That is it not.

Check out the gallery below!


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