New iPad coming to Sprint?

When the new iPad was officially unveiled to come to Verizon and AT&T’s LTE networks in the U.S., many were left wondering what this meant for Sprint, which is building out its own LTE network starting this year. As Sprint has a fairly expensive agreement with Apple to sell the company’s iPhones over the next several years, most were expecting Sprint to also carry the iPad.

A screenshot of Best Buy’s internal system shows that Sprint may be getting the new iPad afterall, though likely not by Friday. The screenshot shows multiple different data plans for the iPad, suggesting that the new iPad will in fact come with support for Sprint’s data network, though we’re not quite sure if it will support Sprint’s LTE network or the slower 3G network.

Image from Engadget

While no release date for the new iPad on Sprint was given, we have a hard time believing we’ll see it land this Friday when the iPad launches in retail stores. Perhaps Sprint will launch the new iPad alongside the launch of its LTE network, which is set to go live in select markets as early as next month. We’ll likely hear more from Sprint and/or Apple soon, and will bring you launch news as we learn it.

[via Engadget]

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