SXSW: AT&T helps you charge your gear [Photos]

I’m still lounging in Austin for the SXSW conference and one of the worst things about it is the lack of outlets and power. Luckily, AT&T if offering a pretty solid solution in an eye-catching way.

These lockers you see above have chargers inside for various devices including an iPad, iPhone, microUSB and others. You can go to an AT&T person, have them charge your phone in the locker and you can return later to find it quite juiced up. Of course, it’s kind of weird to drop your phone off anywhere – it is for me, at least – but this is a nice way to securely get some juice. If you’re curious, the AT&T people I spoke with said the iPhone was the most-charged phone by far.

Other than the charging lockers, AT&T is pushing the Samsung Galaxy Note and how its large screen and stylus can be used for creative purposes. The company is also showing off the PlayStation Vita and how its AT&T mobile data connection can help you game online. AT&T also held a mobile hackathon and it will be interesting to see if the winners develop into something mainstream down the road.

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