ClamCase keyboard turns your iPad 3 into a heavy laptop

ClamCase keyboard turns your iPad 3 into a heavy laptop

Want to turn your brand new iPad (or iPad 3) into a full-blown laptop? There are few keyboard cases out there that will bring the benefits of a full QWERTY keyboard, but only ClamCase keyboard will actually do the trick, allowing you to comfortably type while holding the iPad in your lap like a laptop — other keyboard cases require holding of the iPad (and the case) on a table.

The problem, however, is that this useful accessory alone weighs 1.7 lbs, effectively making the whole installation heavier than many laptops. Heck, the ClamCase keyboard and iPad together weigh more than a 13.3-inch MacBook Air — not to mention its smaller, 11.6-inch brother — making it a hard sell. The idea should be to bring something lighter when leaving home, not heavier.

If that, however, isn’t a problem for you — and judging by the fact that the initial quantities of the ClamCase keyboard are already sold-out, you’re not alone — hop over to this page where you can get all additional information and pre-order your unit this very second.

  • Edmond_V_O_Katusz

    ClamCase seems to have battery problems after a while. Could you report on that, please. In my opinion their 120 days guarantee is laughable!

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