Save the date: Google I/O 2012 registration starts on March 27th

While it may have been pushed back a few months, that doesn’t make us any less excited for Google’s upcoming I/O conference in June. The conference itself is great for developers to brush up on their coding skills and network with others. If you’re looking to go to the I/O this year, you may want to put March 27th in your calendar, as that’s when registration will begin.

A few things have changed this year for the Google I/O : The conference will run one extra day and the price of admission has increased quite a bit. The price bump is likely due to demand and may make way for those who really want to be at the conference for development purposes. Last year, tickets for the I/O ran out in a mere 59 minutes – At $900 a pop, it will be interesting to see how fast tickets go this time around but you can still expect the show to be sold out in no time.

Last year, we got a glimpse of a handful of new projects and updates to existing projects from the search giant. We got Honeycomb 3.1, a glimpse of Google Music, Android @ Home, and more. This year, we can expect to see Android dominate the announcements once again. Android Jelly Bean and Google TV will likely be highlighted, as well as updates to Chrome OS. That said, we’ll have to wait and see to know what’s up Google’s sleeve this year.

As you might remember, Google is usually very generous at its keynotes and has given away everything from phones, tablets, MiFis, and Chrome books out to attendees. While free stuff is cool, we don’t suggest you to go if that’s all you’re looking for, as this is a developers playground.

We’ll be there live in June to cover all the juicy details of the Google I/O, so stay tuned!

[Via: Developer.GoogleAndroidCentral]

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