AT&T Galaxy Note can run on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network with a mod

On T-Mobile’s network and don’t think that the 4.5 inch screen on your Galaxy S II is big enough? Maybe you want something like the Galaxy Note on AT&T but you’re faithful to team Magenta? Well, friend, you’re in luck. With a couple of mods to the AT&T Galaxy Note, you can be up and running on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network in no time.

As you may already expect, this mod comes to us from XDA Developers. Specifically from this guy here. While the mod is completely possible and works, it does seem like the signal is much weaker than your standard T-Mobile Android device. That said, some tests yielded more favorable results and have achieved 9MB down and 2MB up.

To get your Magenta on, you must have unlocked the Note, installed ClockworkMod recovery, and flash a new radio. This isn’t the hardest thing to do for a seasoned Android modder but it may be a bit confusing to your average Joe. Either way, if you want to get your Galaxy Note on T-Mobile without sacrificing too much (LTE is significantly faster than HSPA+ is most cases), then you likely want to give this a try.

All that said, unless you have no problem dropping around $650 on the Galaxy Note without a contract, pricing will likely be the biggest drawback.

Check out the video below to see proof of the Galaxy Note with some T-Mobile HSPA love!

[Via: XDA-Developers, AndroidCommunity]

  • My friend Ross recently bought Samsung Galaxy Note which is working on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. He often said to me that HSPA+ network is not so disappointed indeed. The Internet is just a fun on the Galaxy Note with this network. He haven’t face any serious issue with the network till now.

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