Splashtop Whiteboard launches for Android, too

Splashtop Whiteboard launches for Android, too

After the iPad, Splashtop is bringing its Whiteboard app to the growing army of Android tablet owners. As you can imagine from the application’s name, it allows teachers and students to turn their tablet into an interactive whiteboard.

Built on top of Splashtop Remote Desktop, Splashtop Whiteboard connects teachers and students over Wi-Fi to enjoy Flash media with fully synchronized video and audio, control their educational applications and annotate lesson content.

In other words teachers get full control over Mac or PC applications from their tablet so they don’t have to be tied to the front of the class and are free to roam around. Moreover, there’s also the ability to annotate anything using gestures to draw and highlight content. There are a number of differently colored and sized pens, highlighter, shapes and text tools to choose from.

Finally, thanks to the rich media support, students get to experience video content in high-definition. Splashtop Whiteboard not only supports Adobe Flash, but also iTunes music, DVDs, CDs, etc.

The application usually costs $19.99 but at the moment it is available with a 50% discount for $9.99…

Splashtop Whiteboard ($9.99) [Android Market link]

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