Retina-capable iPad apps five times larger than non-retina counterparts

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Vietnamese site  has the new iPad and put the tablet device through its paces. The latest tidbit of information to come from the group suggests iPad apps are growing in size . The team writes (Translated from Vietnamese),

 “For example Keynote was previously only 115MB but its latest version is 327MB. Numbers is up from 109MB to 283MB, Pages moves from 95MB to 269MB, and iMovie from 70MB to 404MB.”

A portion of this update includes new features, but new features can’t account for such large jumps. It’s likely that this extra bulk is tied up in the graphics because these new retina-capable iPad apps must include images suitable for the original 1024×768 iPad and the new 2048-by-1536  iPad.

[Via Tinhte and The Verge]

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