Even Woz waited in line for the new iPad

In what is now a tried-and-true tradition, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak waited in line overnight to get his hands on the brand new iPad and he explains his reasoning in the video below from What’s Trending.

Woz has shown a penchant for waiting in line for new products, even though he could get all of these for free and probably in advanced. He’s not alone though, as you find many people love to line up at the Apple store for new product releases even though it may be shorter to wait somewhere else. For example, I know many Radio Shacks have iPads right now without any line.

Maybe it’s that fervor over Apple products which has helped propel the company to such great heights. It’s not just about good products, as Apple devices have actually fostered a sense of community and Woz camping out really highlights this.

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