Video: ASUS Transformer Prime versus the new Apple iPad, which is faster?

In case you haven’t noticed, Apple’s third generation iPad came out today. Judging by the early reviews, it’s already set the benchmark for what a tablet should be. Now when Apple announced the new iPad last week they said that their A5X chip is 4x faster than NVIDIA’s Tegra 3. That’s a bold claim, and it ruffled a few of NVIDIA’s feathers, but now that people have both the Transformer Prime and the third gen iPad in hand it’s time to run some benchmarks. The folks from Ritchie’s Room made a quick video showing off the type of numbers that they saw after running GLBenchmark, BrowserMark, and SunSpider. The results: When it comes to GLBenchmark, the iPad is anywhere from 2.3x to 3.4x faster. In BrowserMark the Transformer Prime is actually faster, scoring 100,849 points versus the iPad’s 99,561. And finally SunSpider, a benchmark where a lower number is better since it measures that amount of time it takes to complete a run. The iPad scored 1825 milliseconds, the Transformer Prime did it in 2344 milliseconds.

Now if you think any of these numbers matter, then great, we hope you like being able to brag to your friends about how much faster your toy is compared to their toy. The important thing here is software, and let’s be honest with each other … Android tablets blow. It’s not NVIDIA’s fault, it’s not Samsung’s or ASUS’s fault, it’s all Google. Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android, doesn’t hold a candle to iOS. At least that this author’s opinion.

The future can change of course. We know Google is already hard at work on Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie, but we don’t know any particular details about either of those future versions of Android. And hey, but the time they come out we’ll probably already see iOS 6, maybe even iOS 7.

  • Anonymous

    This author’s opinion blows…At least in my opinion

    • Joey Mauro

       My opinion is that your opinion is better than the author’s opinion.

    • Anonymous

       The article blows as they’ll find one reason or another.

  • mrS


    I agree!

    I have the Transformer Prime and I use that more then my Ipad 2. it’s as fast as the IOS even with the widgets ect you get on your display.

  • Vh1802

    And what settings did they use on the prime? The most benchmarks sets the prime as powersaver. So did the test run at 1000, 1200 or 1600Mhz?

    • No idea, but I’m sure that over the next few days we’re going to see plenty of other sites posting benchmarks. If I were you, I’d start reading AnandTech. His reviews are Grade A+!

      • Vh1802

        I have the prime and its damn fast 🙂 but i often see noobs do these tests. The prime have speed options and thats why it didnt win.

      • Vh1802

        I have the prime and its damn fast 🙂 but i often see noobs do these tests. The prime have speed options and thats why it didnt win.

      • Gizmodo performed the same tests and called it a draw.

  • Drew Nusser

    My buddy’s iPhone was dying today, so he plugged it into his T-Prime for a quick charge.  Then later on he wanted to mirror one of his hi-def games from the Prime on the TV (via HDMI) with a PS3 controller.  No problem.

    Something funny about these tests is that my Atrix (Tegra 2, also over a year old) gets over 140k for the browsermark in Chrome Beta.  Why not compare that one?  It’s free.  It’s from Google.  I bet on a Tegra 3 it’d get 200k+, which obviously means that it is over twice as awesome as the iPad’s browser, according to this guy’s logic.  Sunspider gets 2222, which is a little above the iPad, but lower than the Prime’s stock browser.  Why not use Google’s latest and greatest?  Also, glbenchmark isn’t optimized for quad-core, so if it only has 2 cores firing against the A5X’s 2 cores, then big whoop-di-whoop.  Get the other 2 in action and see what goes down.

    I’m sure the new iPad is a blazing fast tablet, but these tests are never going to prove anything.  The only real fair test is to pull up the same really graphically intensive games side-by-side and see what happens.

    • Jared Johnson

      Like Infinity Blade oh wait I don’t see it in Google Play nevermind! *cough*Android suckers *cough*

      • Anonymous

        Haha, that game does look pretty cool.  Either way, there are plenty of other good games that are on both platforms, and one cool game isn’t going to win the war.

  • Neil Gillibrand

    I spy with my little eye something beginning with Apple Fan Boy.

  • Jkelly1174

    i dong care if it showed it was 100x faster.  what we use it for is sufficient.  i have ipad 2 but dont use it anymore.  my asus transformer prime is so much more fun.  same with phone.  i have iphone 4 but always use my biz line now which has the droid razr.   just more fun.  google services work seamlessly on the devices and navigation cannot be beat.  street view on google maps on prime is very cool.

    • Rayadams

      I don’t know what you are talking about. I have user first general transformer and switched to ipad2 because of stupid android. I mostly used transformer for Internet browsing, but non of existing browsers as stable as safari in iPad.
      To many bugs, awful overall ui responsiness. That’s make transformer look like cheap under 100$ Chinese tablet.

      • Jkelly1174

        the new asus prime is quad core, has ice cream sandwhich, and much slimmer and lighter.  it is much better experience than original prime imo.  i dont notice any difference in browsing opposed to ipad.  in fact with apps like “stick it” and touchpal keyboard the browsing experience  is much better on prime to me.  

        • Non_Sequitur

          Yep. The first Transformer was Honeycomb. Honeycomb was just… meh.

  • clr4g0n

    I think the author should check his grammar before doing a shitty apple vs android review.

    • Please let me know where I’ve made a grammar mistake, writing is definitely something that only gets better with experience, and I need someone to highlight my mistakes for me to get better!

      • Pratik

        hi i don’t think you have a grammar mistake but you use confusing sentences like “the android blows”. what do you mean by blow? because I’ve herd people in the past use it in a positive context as in “this car (A) blows off the chart compared to (B). however in your sentence i think you have used it in a negative context and even when you look it up in the dictionary it is defined as something exploding. is this what you meant? 

  • Joshuasyoung74

    I agree,the authors opinion bows. Ios is for dummies.

  • Joshuasyoung74

    Its always so funny to see the Apple fanboys pull the penises out 9f there mouths and whine.

  • Anonymous

    This comparison misses something. Some games on Tegra 3 show more effects than iOS games, and when it comes to CPU the new iPad is way behind. 

    And don’t forget, the only improvements in the new iPad are almost all made by Samsung (display and SoC)

  • Alex

    This is complete bullshit, my Asus Transformer Prime  beats the shit out of the ” new iPad ”  and Android doesn’t suck, it is becoming more and more popular, better mod support and nearly everything is moddalbe with or without a jailblreak. The iPad is only faster because it doesn’t need to run anything in the background. It isn’t a real tablet, the multitasking is a complete joke. Transformer Primes multitasking fucks the iPad shitty litle double homescreen button feature.

    • Jarrod

      The reason multi tasking on android is so “good” is because they took linux changed a few aspects of it and then put it into what they considered a mobile platform. Because it runs everything in the background it makes the whole user experience lack, because after two-three months of use the device starts locking up and restarting. Thats just my personal experience I have had with four android phones. Also from my point of view android and apple tablets serve almost two different purposes, the iPad is used for an average consumer that likes to make documents watch HD Netflix and other things of that nature and android is more for people that want open source and the ability to do things outside of what restrictions there are on the operating system.

  • Kitty

    I would disagree with the author’s contention that Android blows. I’ve used both extensively and prefer Android by a wide margin. I also like having more ability to control my experience.  What blows, is blowhards who have let themselves be brainwashed.

  • Yea but which tablet is “faster” running FLASH huh, hmm?  Yea thats what I thought.

  • Check out the same games and you will see Tegra has more effects in there games and with faster HTML redering and 360 ps3 controller support sorry iPad your just playing catch up

  • I think Transformer Prime is Better.

  • Anonymous

    The Prime is better. Iplayed with a new iPad last week ans it looks just like the 2 and it was just as boring and the display tbh is over blown , it was okay but nothing spectacular

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