An app that wants to be your personal push-up coach

runtastic Push-Up

There’s a new application for Android that wants to get you in the shape. Dubbed runtastic Push-Up, it aims to be your personal push-up trainer, promising to help you get and stay in shape.

Some of the features included in the application are:

  • Voice coach
  • Automatic countdown timer for your break between sets
  • Personal records and statistics
  • Ability to upload your activities to the runtastic fitness website
  • Facebook and Twitter integration

That’s all cool, but how can an app count your push-ups? The magic happens either by using the phone’s built-in proximity sensor or by touching the screen with your nose (more precise way). Pretty awesome stuff, don’t you think?

Love the idea, though when I did some research I saw that a similar app has already been released for the iPhone (Push-Ups Dojo and probably some others as well). Guess neat ideas like these spread quickly. 😉

Anyway, runtastic Push-Up is available in free and paid versions with latter also featuring professionally designed training plan for 8 weeks and individual entry day. Moreover, the pro version has no ads whatsoever…

runtastic Push-Up LITE (FREE) [Android Market link]
runtastic Push-Up PRO ($1.95) [Android Market link]

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