iPad battery life is better than Transformer Prime, similar to iPad 2

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According to a test conducted by CNET, the new third-generation iPad’s battery life does not seem to falter from the iPad 2 despite the addition of a much more power-hogging display. It even bests the Asus Transformer Prime, which is one of the best Android tablets in terms of battery longevity.

CNET tests all tablet battery life by looping a local movie file with the screen brightness set to approximately 150 candelas per square meter (just slightly below the 50 percent mark on the iPad) until the device dies. By these standards, the new iPad ran for 12.8 hours. That’s well above the 10 hours Apple promises, but a tad lower than the 14.2 hours the iPad 2 got running iOS 5.1. Interestingly, an iPad 2 running iOS 4.3 only got 11.9 hours of battery life, a testament to the optimization Apple does on the software side.

Under the same test, the Asus Transformer Prime ran for 9.6 hours before shutting down. With the optional keyboard dock attached with another built-in battery, it runs for 15.3 hours. That’s better than any tablet on the market, though it has somewhat of an unfair advantage. Overall, the third-generation iPad reigns in tablet battery life, second only to the iPad 2.

It’s important to note that even though each of these tablets have varying battery life statistics, they all have outstanding battery life and real-world use will prove it. They should easily be able to get you through a typical day of usage if not more. Also, if you are worried that upgrading from the iPad 2 to the new iPad will result in a small drop in battery life, just remember that the new iPad has far more pixels to power so lowering the brightness a bit should even things out.

[via CNET]

  • Matthew Heuer

    It’s the ASUS Transformer Prime, not Acer.  Just so you know.  

  • Drew Nusser

    It’s ASUS, not Acer.  And why is it an unfair advantage to have the dock on it?  Should ASUS be punished because other companies don’t/won’t offer their customers the same thing?

    • Punished isn’t the right word, but in a way, yes. It’s an accessory. That’s like adding on a Mophie Juice Pack to an iPhone and saying the battery life has doubled and competitors are far behind.

      • shieldcy

        You pay 500 for the asus tablet and the keyboard. But for anyone who will going to buy iPad3 (500), they will have to pay (let’s say) 100 more for the dock or something.

        • And it won’t include an extra battery, USB port, and SD card slot either.

      • Drew Nusser

        All I know is that my buddy has an iPhone (from his work – he’s an Android guy), and it was dying, so he plugged it into the USB port on his dock on the T-Prime to charge it.  He has also used the HDMI out to mirror the tablet to his HDTV, and has plugged his PS3 controller into the full USB port to play his games.  If you want to say it’s not fair to compare features included with the dock, I guess you’re right.  It’s a lot closer of a fight if you leave out the things that make the Prime so special.

        Plus, even with double the battery on the iPhone, there’s still an Android competitor that would have it beat.

  • Jon Garrett

    If this guy doesn’t know the difference between Acer and Asus, why should anybody care or believe anything he writes?

  • The Asus Transformer Prime is just attractive in so many ways – at least that’s how I see it. With the iPad, you have to separately buy the keyboard but with the Asus Prime, it’s already there. Makes it look like a netbook.


    of course is better if you install A BIGGER BATTERY on it install the same one that on ipad 2 then talk!!!


    ipad 2 is faster than the new one lmao… and the tegra 3 chip blows the a5x chip… SHOW FACTS!!!  THE BETTER VALUE IS THE TRANSFORMER

  • Looping a video is not a good metric to measure real world battery life. Many other sites put the new iPad and transformer prime neck and neck. And let’s not forget that the new iPad has a much bigger battery and the Transformer Prime is powering a bigger screen too.

    All in all, the Prime gets the best battery life even in this test. It is a fair comparison to include the keyboard dock because the Prime was designed from the outset with this in mind. That’s why the tablet is called the Transformer Prime because it TRANSFORMS into a netbook! You can’t make that same argument with any of the iPads. If Apple didn’t have the foresight to design it that way, don’t blame ASUS for it by saying it’s an unfair comparison.

  • Apple claims a pretty impressive battery life for the iPad, up to 10 hours of use on a full charge. But that doesn’t mean you won’t want to find ways to squeeze even more life out of it, or that you won’t have emergencies where you need to sacrifice some features to use the device a little longer.

  • Katherine Koehn

    Thanks for the update.Your blog is worth reading and I enjoyed reading it .

  • Katherine Koehn

    Thanks for the update.Your blog is worth reading and I enjoyed reading it .

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