T-Mobile’s upcoming myTouch phone from Huawei in the wild – Yay?

T-Mobile’s myTouch line has always been a hit or miss affair. The latest entries from LG could be thrown into the “Miss” category, with previous devices like the myTouch 4G a big hit (for the time). Now it looks like Huawei is up to bat, as we now have a picture of the next myTouch handset coming to Magenta.

While T-Mobile’s myTouch phones have varied in manufacturer, style, and specs, one thing has always remained, and that’s the Genius button. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The Genius button is awful. Simple Google Voice Actions can produce virtually every result that T-Mobile’s implementation does, only better and faster. We’ll get into that more when we give this guy a proper burial review.

Unlike the myTouch 4G and myTouch Slide 4G, the latest entries into the myTouch line have danced around the entry-level and mid-range realm. The handset you see above looks to continue this trend, which isn’t necessarily what we want to see from Huawei in the US right now, especially when it announced some great phones last month at Mobile World Congress. Nonetheless, the handset has a nice design and Android 2.3.x Gingerbread, which is pretty much all we know about the handset as of right now. Like the myTouch Q, the Huawei handset will also have a QWERTY-toting variant.

With no hard specs to speak of or a release date, we have little else to tell you about this upcoming phone and its non-pictured brother. What we can assume is that the mid-range duo will likely land on T-Mobile shelves for around $100 a pop, give or take a mail-in rebate (Magenta loves those things).

[Via: TMONews]

  • Damn I hate Huawei… Really crappy phones… I miss HTC making phones for the MyTouch brand,

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