NPD In-Stat: Tablet screen size determines its usage

NPD In-Stat: Tablet screen size determines its usage

There are a number of tablets out there with a different screen sizes. By today’s definition all-touchscreen media players with screens of 3.5 inches and bigger are also considered tablets, considering that you’ll get most (if not all) of the functions a bigger device offers. That said, we are everything but surprised to hear that the tablet’s screen size determines the way folks are using it.

Smaller devices, aka media players with 3.5-7 inch screens are mostly used for entertainment needs and are typically considered “complementary to everyday activities like commuting, exercising, and other on-the-go activities.” Bigger tablets, on the other hand, are used for reading, gaming and video.

Some other findings from In-Stat’s report include:

  • Worldwide shipments for devices with screen sizes between 3.5 and 7.0 inches will decline throughout the forecast period to 15.6 million in 2016.
  • Despite anticipated price erosion, revenue in the 7-8.5 inch tablet space will rise, with Amazon Kindle Fire leading the way.
  • Due to continued iPad success, tablets with 9.7-11 inch screens will represent 65% of worldwide tablet shipments.
  • The bill of materials for a 9.7-inch tablet will fall to $246 by 2016 due primarily to strong consumer demand and declining display costs.

And you can get additional information from NPD In-Stat’s full report

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