Win one of five Skyfall Samsung Galaxy S IIs from IntoMobile & ngmoco [Update]

[Update: We’ve contacted our 5 winners. As soon as we receive a response from all of them, this giveaway will be closed]

This past November, I was invited by ngmoco:) to check out a couple of their upcoming games, one of which was Skyfall. A couple of weeks ago I was also invited topartake in an editor’s challenge against a number of fellow editors from a number of big name outlets to reach a certain area in Skyfall the fastest. Through my hard work and years of gaming experience, I successfully completed the challenge and my reward is what you see before you.

I was given five unlocked Skyfall-themed Samsung Galaxy S IIs to do what I want with them. Seeing as we love you all so much, I decided to share my reward with you, the IntoMobile readers.

The Samsung Galaxy S II should be no stranger to you by now. We reviewed it and deemed it the king of Android back in May 2011, has made a ton of money for Samsung, and has just started to receive its ICS update. As far as its innards go, it’s rocking a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display, an 8-megapixel rear camera, 2-megapixel front facing camera, and more bells and whistles that will keep you satisfied.

Here’s what you’ll need to do in order to qualify for an entry to win one of our five unlocked Skyfall-themed Samsung Galaxy S IIs:

  • Follow IntoMobilengmoco:), & Skyfall on Twitter; retweet the following message, “@IntoMobile & @ngmoco are giving away five @Skyfall Galaxy S IIs –“
  • “Like” IntoMobilengmoco:) & Skyfall on Facebook.
  • Comment below on what is your all time favorite ngmoco:) game is and why.

Skyfall is ngmoco:)’s F2P social RPG whose main focus is exploration. As you explore, you’ll clear your path to your next quest or just to run around and kill random enemies wandering around. The social aspect of Skyfall is where its at as you can invite friends or strangers to fight alongside you in some of the game’s more challenging quests. The game is currently available on Google Play and is completely free for you to play.

Our giveaway will be taking place from the time of this post until 3/26 at 11:59pm PT. We’ll be choosing five random winners from the comments below who have followed all of the rules and we’ll announce the winner by updating this article as well as a new post announcing the winner. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.

You can also follow the IntoMobile team on Twitter. This isn’t required to win but it sure couldn’t hurt.

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall, hands down one of the best games ever!

  • sammy gumer

    my favorite ngmoco game is Dr.Awesome because i like the concept and it is hilarious to me.

  • Pocket God because it is a very funny game.

  • Have to say Rolando, its really easy to get into but really challenging as the game progresses.

  • i like Word FU cause it relieves me of the monotonousness of my workday

  • I like we rule. Because I rule.

  • Anonymous

    Godfinger.  Who doesn’t like being God and causing havoc?

  • Fabiola Nunez

    im addicted to godfinger

  • Gun Range and Star Defense have been fun.  

  • Anonymous

     I’ve played a ton of Topple 1 and 2.

  • My all-time favorite game is Rolando because playing it is so much fun and it gets pretty addictive.

  • Prosthetic Lips

    Skyfall.  As an Android owner, I can only watch some of the other games  🙁

  • Anonymous

    rolando….it is very addictive and I really enjoy it   thank you

  • Eric To

    Godfinger, it reminds me of the PC game black and white, a game I used to play when I was younger

  • Anonymous

    Godfinger, because I like being the boss.

  • John Katsaros

    My all time favorite ngmoco game is topple.  It is classic, love the faces and could play for hours.

  • I gotta agree with a lot of the other comments. Godfinger all stars is great. It’s well animated, funny and makes me feel pretty bad. I love the interactivity.

  • Star Defense 🙂

  • steve doumas

    star defense HAAHAA !

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall… nice graphics, reminds me of Skyrim

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall…the favorite because its the one i’m most eager to play as i haven’t rpg’d in a while

  • EJ

    The one I’m looking forward to most is Skyfall. If you look at the screen captures you’ll see good graphics for an immersive RPG experience.

  • great opportunity !
    And my preferred game will be Skyfall of course 🙂

  • Sophie S

    My favorite is Star Defense because the subject matter is something I have always been into and the game has kept my attention for so long. 

  • Carlos

    I have to admit that I only found out about ngmoco:) because of this giveaway, but I must say what a treasure trove of awesome games did I find! I still have to get one and play but poking around I think you’ve got a winner in Skyfall. An adventure game based on an ancient world, check! Mythological creatures and characters, check! But I think the best feature of this game is the social part of it where you can team with friends or random strangers to tackle trickier quests. And it doesn’t help that it got mostly positive reviews from beta players, I would say that this would definitely be the next reason why I would frequently miss on finishing tasks, LOL! 

  • I have to admit that  my favorite ngmoco:) game is Skyfall because it’s the closest thing to WoW I’ve found for the mobile platform.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Skyfall cause its just plain fun!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely Pocket gods. I love games where I have full control of the world that I create.. It’s silly and fun and quite addictive. Messing with the pygmies is the best part. I chose whether good or bad things happen to them. Can’t get enough of it.

  •  Skyfall is amazing. I am awed by the intricacy of the storyline (mostly unheard of in android-based RPGs) as well as the careful thought put into the friends list. Having people be able to help you out by “unlocking” squares for you for free and providing an added bonus by giving them extra energy provides an awesome give-and-take relationship with people you may not even know. Everyone is willing to lend a hand if it helps them out too! The multitude of armor and availability of locked chests are just a couple features that make Skyfall purely addicting. Best app on my phone!

  • Definitely We Rule! I’ve been playing since July 2010 and still love it!  I’ll never stop 🙂  

  • Alison Gill

    ooh its hard to pick one but i have to stick to we rule its totally addictive 

  • Deleon460

    Skyfall it just has a great story line and fun play.

  • Rogerjhuty

    I didn’t win the transformer prime but winning this would be just as nice

  • Rogerjhuty

    Skyfall would definitely be my favorite!

  • Shirondale Kelley

    I honestly haven’t played any ngmoco games but I’ve heard of them. I’ve just read up on Skyfall and it definitely looks good. If I win one of those phones up there I’ll finally own a decent device that could even play a fun game in one of my favorite genre’s – rpg.

  • skyfall cause i love rpgs

  • skyfall cause i love rpgs

  • Anonymous

     Skyfall, because it’s an RPG and it runs on android! Talk about best of both worlds.

  • Skyfall, because finally a decent RPG for Android!

  • Topple2+, reminds me of that fun game Blockhead from when I was a kid.

  • Anonymous

    It has to be Skyfall!

  • Skyfall FTW

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall is my favorite because it’s the first game I was ever able to play well.

  • Anonymous

    Love the We Rule.  My wife and I have been playing together for a while now and like to brag about our goods.  Need to check out the SkyFall. 

  • WMnKM

    , too, I only found out about ngmoco because of this giveaway, but there are some awesome games!  My teenage daughter is really into the RPG.  So are my husband and I – from the first invention of RPG -Leisure Suit Larry.  Love feature of Skyfall that you can team with friends. Would love to win the Skyfall themed Samsung Galaxy S – how cool is that!

  • Cichlid

    I think I’ll like Skyfall

  • I loved Minigore for iOS, John Gore goes on a rampage killing furries in a never ending battle.  The voice acting is absolutely amazing and the 3D top down graphics just blow my mind.  It’s fun for all ages and never get’s old, still one of my favorite games since it’s release!  In the words of John Gore “Oh Yea!”

  • Shay Betts

    Topple is my all time ngmoco game because it can be a challenging stacking game and they have diffrent shapes and colors. My kids and I enjoy this game we compete to see who can stack them the highest.

  • Joe C.

    I only found out about ngmoco because of this giveaway and my eyes have been opened to some great games.  Now I’m hoping to win and can’t wait to try them!

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall will be my favorite games, of course.

  • KUR

    i Love Eliminate co-op…. Because I like shooting games…

  • Anonymous

    I would like this

  • Skyfall & Dreamtopia because are fun 🙂

  • Skyfall is my favorite because I love a good RPG game and this one is great.

  • chosenhim

    My all time favorite ngmoco game is of course Skyfall.  First because of the way cool graphics I was drawn in to Skyfall.  I’m a graphics girl, so they gotta be a “go” or they’re definitely a “no”. Easy learning curve too for a newb 😉 like me.  Thanks for the great giveaway! GLTA <3

  • Jess

    Skyfall is my all time favorite game.

  • All of them, because they’re all awesome. 

  • i love we doodle> and skyfall> and theres a word game i love so much.. feeds my brain

  • Skyfall is epic! 😀  (Fave)

  •  I love wordfu since word games are the most interesting to me.

  • teamreflexx7

    Skyfall is my favorite.. I love it because it runs on android 😉 and the graphics are sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Touch pet cats, It was a life saver keeping my grandkids busy during doctor appts. They just loved it, so I loved it.

  • I like Skyfall for its fun play and story

  • gat

    Definetly God finger because it can keep you entertained for hours

  • My all time favorite ngmoco:) game is We Rule! Why? Because I have consistently played it for almost 2 years! Never been bored, it always keeps me entertained 🙂

  • My favorite game is “We Farm” because I was always addicted to SimCity and tamagotchi. “We Farm” just offer this type of flavor I like. I can play it everywhere and anytime!

  • Skyfall is a really fun game.

  • Tina

    Gotta be Topple because it’s so freaking additive.

  • My favorite ngmoco game is Skyfall because I play well with others … The sweet fast graphics are rocking too!

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall because it is super addictive to play! thanks for the contest.
    -Kim Johnson

  • Skyfall, more fun to play for me.

  • Skyfall since it has great graphics and entertaining.

  • Skyfall is a cool game, very additive

  • Skyfall is my favorite.. because it runs on android

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall because it’s really fun to play

  • Topple – something the whole family enjoys.  Colors are bright and even though addicted…its a pretty darn good addition.  🙂  

  • Katie R

    Like all the others, Skyfall. It’s my kind of game and has some nice graphics.

  • my all time favorite ngmoco game is Skyfall because I love RPG games and this one has the best game play and story.

  • I think Skyfall because it has the best graphics and gameplay to date!

  • Anonymous

    I like Skyfall because it is fun to play.

  • Mariebblake

    I like Word Fu cuz I love word games!!!

  • My favorite game is SkyFall …fun to play and highly addictive 😉 Love it!

  • I love Skyfall because it keeps me entertained forever!

  • I like word fu because i use my brain on word games

  • My favorite ngmoco:) game is Godfinger, because it’s fun to be able to control the little people and help them 🙂

  • DVL

    Skyfall’s the best… Fun to play, great graphics, and very addictive.

  • Shawn Stover

    My favorite is Skyfall because it is fun and has great graphics.  I love exploring!

  • Skyfall, because it’s free

  • Skyfall – it’s a great game

  • Skyfall, since they are skinning a galaxy 2 with it.

  • Topple 2 is an amazing game.  I love the physics of the game and just how addicting it is!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite ngmoco game is Skyfall. I like the graphics visually and the game is packed with adventure/challenges. Its really fun to play. Thanks for this contest. 🙂

  • My favorite ngmoco game is Skyfall because it is fun and has great graphics and very addictive.

  • Chris Fitzgerald

    My favorite ngmoco game is Rolando! The game that PROVED mobile gaming is the future! My first iPhone game!

  • My fave is Touch Pets Cats – just because I like playing with the interactive game.

  • Mailistman

    thanks for making skyfall free ! it’s addicting.

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall because it’s a fun RPG with plenty of exploration opportunities.

  • Touch Pets Cats is my fav. FUN!!

  • KingcobraKing

    We Rule rules!!

  • I have never played a ngmoco game.  Hopefully this contest wil change that.

  • i would have to go with the rpg skyfall. always into rpg’s

  • Jordan Crockett

    My girlfriend loves Touch Pets Cats, its her replacement for me not letting her get a real one. I’m a huge RPG fan so I would have to say Skyfall. Thanks for making it free!

  • Anonymous

    this would be nice

  • Rony Abraham

    My favorite ngmoco:) game is Eliminate for the iPhone!! I LOVE that game…Please I hope I win this contest….

  • I haven’t played any but am going to look into Word Fu since that’s the type of games I like to play. 

  • Touch pets since I can play with my daughter

  • Smashingplanets

    Has to be skyfall. Very addictive!

  • One of my favorites has to be Putt Putt Penguin! 😀

  • Fabiola Nunez

     I’m having god finger withdrawal, my brother hasn’t let me borrow his tablet in almost a whole



  • My favorite is Skyfall.  It’s a very immersive game.

  • Skyfall looks awesome but I don’t have anything to play it on I really would love to win so I could give it a shot.

  • KaneServices

    Godfinger – I can my finger to rule the world!

  • RoverDover

    Absolutely love SkyFall!!

  • Skyfall because I love RPGs and its a fun game!

  • Maria S

    Skyfall, awesome graphics and super fun game play.

  • Skyfall because I love RPG games 

  • Godfinger ha, haven’t tried Skyfall yet but I do like RPG games.

  • Lindsey C

    Skyfall of course!

  • Digdog

    skyfall all the way

  • Freakon

    My son has Topple on his ipod and I love it,, very entertaining

  • Rjwanna

    I love RPG’s so it would be Skyfall

  • My favorite ngmoco game is Skyfall because it’s fun to play.

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall is my fav. 

  • li

    Skyfall because I prefer RPG’s

  • mom4everever

    godfinger have not tried many others

  • skyfall. it’s so addictive and fun!

  • Gotta be skyfall, amazing game. 
    sweet contest too! would love to win one of these!

  • goodluckkitty

    Love me the Skyfall. Hope I win one of these precious phones! 

  • I’m totally on the Skyfall bandwagon as well, addicting great game. 🙂

  • Thebrownguy01

    Topple is the best!

  • wow I wanna play Skyfall

  • DJPaulyC

    I love Godfinger. Haven’t played it in a while, so I’ll play it as soon as I win a S II.

  • Anonymous

    It has to be skyfall since that is the only one I have played. 

  • NickelMath

    I love LoVe LOVE Godfinger!!! I must like controlling people 😉

  • Skyfall 🙂

  • Madmike1875

    skyfall, because I love’s me some rpg

  • Recroombandit

    Godfinger is great. who doesn’t want to play god?

  • saysfrances

    skyfall i suppose.
    Ihaven’t played it yet but it looks good

  • My all time favorite game by ngmoco is We Rule, which has kept me company for the past two years. Truly a joy to play. I’m playing SkyFall as well. Beautiful game and really enjoying the first Event.

  • Stimpylover

    Definitely love We Rule.

  • godlyshepard

    Topple is just plain fun. nuff said

  • Wonton Wannabee

    Count me in on the skyfall bandwagon, because it’s cool

  • Sinister

    I thought wordfu was really fun and challenging

  • Dadto2kids

    My kids love touch pet. Why, because they’re kids.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    We Rule is my favorite cause I love castle and dragons.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t own an Android device yet so unfortunately never had the chance to play any  ngmoco:)

    I can’t just imagine the feeling of getting a Samsung Galaxy S II and that too all for free. I  dnt think i can’t get it any other way…. so fingers crossed … may god bless me 🙂

    And i think ngmoco:) is going to be my first visit for awesome social games. I would love to play “we doodle”…!!!!

  • Captarabia

    Skyfall is by far my favorite ngmoco game. I love killing things, leveling up and everything else that game offers

  • Pocket God…because you’re freaking God that’s why!!

  • Daren

    Skyfall for sure.  Who doesn’t love a little dragon action!

  • Joshua Haar

    My favorite game is Skyfall because it is going to win me a Gakaxy S II.

  • gamafree

    We Doodle – I think it is really cool

  • From what I’ve seen of it, I’d have to go with Skyfall

  • CamperKid

    My fav is skyfall 😉

  • seen the preview of Skyfall and can’t wait to get my hands on it using the SGS II

  • seen the preview of Skyfall and can’t wait to get my hands on it using the SGS II

  • marilyn rhea

     I don’t own an Android device yet so I have never had the opportunity to play any  ngmoco:)

    I can’t just imagine the feeling of getting a Samsung Galaxy S II and
    that too all for free. I became disabled for having kidney cancer, so on disability, the only way I will ever have the opportunity to play some of these great games is by winning. I sure hope to win one of these, because I know that I would love the action and the technology that the Samsung Galaxy S II has made available to everyone.

  • marilyn rhea

     I don’t own an Android device yet so I have never had the opportunity to play any  ngmoco:)

    I can’t just imagine the feeling of getting a Samsung Galaxy S II and
    that too all for free. I became disabled for having kidney cancer, so on disability, the only way I will ever have the opportunity to play some of these great games is by winning. I sure hope to win one of these, because I know that I would love the action and the technology that the Samsung Galaxy S II has made available to everyone.

  • marilyn rhea

     I don’t own an Android device yet so I have never had the opportunity to play any  ngmoco:)

    I can’t just imagine the feeling of getting a Samsung Galaxy S II and
    that too all for free. I became disabled for having kidney cancer, so on disability, the only way I will ever have the opportunity to play some of these great games is by winning. I sure hope to win one of these, because I know that I would love the action and the technology that the Samsung Galaxy S II has made available to everyone.

  • I’m a huge fan of Skyfall. But GodFinger is where I waste my days. 

  • Mattcb1983

    Favorite game is gonna be skyfall. especially if my device matches it

  • Jesse

    Star Defense all the way…C&C meets tower defense!!!

  • Pkalltheway2000

    Star Defense rocks!

  • Zaephor

    Godfinger… Nothing quite strokes my ego like that one… lol

  • Manuel Grullon

     I was late to class the other day because I was playing pocket god on my phone and missed my bus stop by like 4 stops.

  • SCJaredJ

    WordFu…Lets me get a good mental zone-out from work while still stimulating my brain.

  • maze finger is really cool!

  • We Rule For the Win

  • Anonymous

    Eliminate Gun Range is my favorite!

  • Skyfall hands down

  • maze finger is really awesome

  • Christopher Todd Smith

    my all time favorite ngmoco:) game is We Rule because, well, it rules! 

  • Schmidty

    Skyfall – it’s challenging!

    Following all on twitter @rusthawk and facebook as Rust Hawk. Thanks!

  • Lvcifer666

    skyfall is the shit!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Word Fu is a great time waster! Gets me through my breaks at work, keeps my mind going. I love it. I pick it up anytime I have a minute to kill. That’s what mobile gaming is all about.

  • My favorite ngmoco game is Doctor Awesome!!! I really enjoy several aspects of the game including the fact that it is kind of “campy” and comic book like. I also like the personalization, music, and puzzle type aspect of the game. All these things come together in a way that I really enjoy. This game is the few reasons I still hold onto an iOS device. That said, I’m about to download Skyfall. I really hope to win so that I may play on a unlocked Skyfall-themedSamsung Galaxy S II !!!!!!!

  • Following all on twitter  @KirstenMMassage: twitter   and facebook as Kirsten Klink Rodrigue

    And…. Skyfall!!!!!!

  • My favorite ngmoco game is rolando! It was the best looking game with the greatest gameplay. I cant wait to try out Skyfall!

  • g_what

    My favorite game is Topple because it is the only game I have played of theirs. Skyfall looks pretty sweet though, so I’d love to get my hands on it when it is released.

  • i like wordfu, always have liked word games and enjoy the pace of the game, somewhat reminiscent of my favorite irl game banagrams 

  • Anonymous

    Skyfall for sure! That game is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Rolando is my favorite! Fun, beautiful, simple!

  • Zakman

    Skyfall would be my favorite as I’d love to have a great RPG on my phone to jump into while waiting at appointments and the like.  Unfortunately, my Galaxy Player, Viewsonic G-Tablet or HP Touchpad apparently don’t meet the requirements to play it.  One of those Galaxy S 2’s would be great to play it on.

  • When i’m away from home and SWTOR, I play Skyfall . I have to feed my addiction!

  • Skyfall is my favorite. I’m completely addicted. 

  • My favorite game has to be We Rule. I’m seriously addicted to it!

  • Im loving Skyfall.. Awesome

  • This is really awesome!

  • Really hope I won one

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