Sonic 4: Episode 2 to have cross-platform play between WP7 & Xbox 360

You should all be aware of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II hitting Android & iOS platforms when it releases on May 16th, but don’t forget there will also be a Windows Phone 7 version released that same day. Seeing as how WP7 has been doing worse than Android has in terms of delivering worthwhile mobile games, Microsoft has something special planned for the WP7 version of Sonic 4: Episode II. Cross-platform play.

It looks like the Playstation Vita won’t be the only mobile device that supports the ability of syncing your game across mobile and console devices as Sonic 4: Episode II will allow players to finally take their game on the go between the Xbox 360 and a WP7 device.

Up until now, Microsoft has always touted cross-platform play between the Xbox 360 and WP7 devices, yet the only thing we’ve seen in terms of cross-platform is the ability to access Xbox Live content. Your friends list, avatar, and exclusive videos on Xbox Live have been at our fingertips for some time now, with iOS users being thrown into the mix recently. This is the first time a game takes advantage of cross-platform play between WP7 and Xbox 360, which makes my decision that much harder on which version of Sonic 4: Episode II I should download: iOS, Android, or now, WP7?

[Via OXM]

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