Google Voice for Android now includes ICS Voicemail integration

Google has updated Google Voice for Android with a kick-ass deep integration feature that puts the Android 4.0 dialer in use, allowing users to view and listen to their Google Voice voicemail in their standard call log. It’s the first implementation of visual voicemail we’ve seen that’s based on the ICS API.

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) owners can expect other cool features like an updated user interface that resembles the search giant’s ICS holo theme, with a new menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Google’s also included the ability to slow down or speed up message playback, which it says will be helpful for focusing on voicemail details or speeding through long messages.

It’s simple to enable these new features, all users have to do is download the latest application and check “voicemail display” in Google Voice settings. Overall, Google has done a great job handling Google Voice, keeping it fresh and relevant. Truth is, most people I know (mobile operating system preference aside) absolutely love the search giant’s VoIP network, and would have no problem joining the service if it ever became a real phone company — you know, like a carrier. 😉

Anyway, you can head over to the Google Play Store to grab the update, available now.


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