PC D&D classic RPG Baldur’s Gate heading to iPad; Go for the eyes, Boo!

PC Dungeons & Dragons classic Baldur’s Gate has held a special place in most PC gamers hearts, especially the even more phenomenal sequel, Baldur’s Gate II. The only way to play these classics is by way of an emulator, but soon it will be available at our fingertips as as Overhaul Games has announced we should be seeing a port of Baldur’s Gate on the iPad this Summer with updated artwork, new content, and even a new member.

IGN was able to get their hands on an preview build of the game and confirmed that it was Baldur’s Gate running on an iPad, but notes the game requires a few tweaks to its interface. Text in the game on the iPad looks way too small to read, buttons in the interface were too small to comfortably press. and its complex menus don’t make the game a treat to play on a tablet at this point. The port’s developers have made some interface tweaks as you can zoom in & out at the pinch of your fingers, as well as having the ability to moving the camera with a drag of the finger.

Having Baldur’s Gate coming out on the iPad will certainly get fans of Baldur’s Gate II excited as they’re just one step closer to being able to relive all of the great events and hours of gameplay that the sequel delivered. If it were up to me, I’d vote for BG II to be released first, but, as the wise man once said, you have to walk before you can run. The best thing about today’s news is ex-BioWare employees are working on the remake, which means we can be sure there’s going to be a lot of love and care put into the iPad version of Baldur’s Gate. Which also means we’re all finally going to experience some serious RPG goodness on iOS real soon.

[Via Baldur’s Gate]

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