Nokia buying Lumia 900 phones for AT&T’s sales staff

Nokia buying Lumia 900s for AT&T staffers

There’s no secret that Nokia is all in on Windows Phone, as the Finnish-based manufacturer has bet the farm on the Microsoft mobile operating system. Well, just when you thought that deep commitment could’t go any further, think again. According to WPCentral, Nokia could be paying up to $25 million to get AT&T retail staff to use a Nokia Lumia 900 as a “Company Use” device. Not bad, right?

So, the way this works is instead of seeing sales reps rocking whatever Android, BlackBerry device or iPhone, you’d see reps with an assortment of colorful Nokia Lumia 900s in the palm of their hands or on their hips. The caveat is in order for reps to have a Lumia 900, they’d have to relinquish their current phone.

A strategy like this suggest that AT&T is fully onboard with pushing the number one Windows Phone handset, which makes me wonder what comprises were made on Nokia and Microsofts end for AT&T. I say this because I don’t remember such a deal like this from a major United States carrier and phone manufacturer. It could also mean that AT&T likes money, especially when it has to do very little to get it.

That being said, it’s yet to be seen how Windows Phone will be ultimately received by cell phone subscribers. The Lumia 900 is very unique, some even call it the best designed smartphone (excluding the iPhone 4) in the last couple of years, but it will only launch on AT&T. The question is, is the Lumia 900 a good enough phone to persuade people to make the jump to AT&T? I’m not so sure.

Would you leave your cell phone carrier to grab the Lumia 900 on AT&T? Check out our video below from CES 2012 and let us know what you think.


  • another part of the deal is Nokia gets to send reps to do spot checks….can’t have those sales monkeys secretly using a different device after agreeing to carry a Lumia after all!

  • I been waiting for over a yera to tarde my Nokia 6000 clamshell in on the Lumia 900. I;m then going to go out and buy an XBox 250Gb and wait 9 months for a Windows 8 tablet.

  • Anonymous

    Nokia company knew Nokia WP7 are DOA in USA. I don’t think Nokia is better than Samsung phones.. Samsung is superior to Nokia. 


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