TripIt optimizes its app for Android tablets

TripIt optimizes its app for Android tablets

TripIt, the popular travel organizing app/service, updated its Android application by optimizing it for tablets. The main new thing is the revamped view that allows users to explore itineraries in two layers at all times, making it easy to dive into details like confirmation numbers or seat assignments; at the same time, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the full trip schedule. The other option is to view a list of all trips, alongside a single itinerary.

In addition, maps have also been updated so now when you select a flight, the airport location will light up on the map from where you can quickly get directions…

To put it in other words, TripIt made sure all the extra screen estate tablets offer is now used, providing more information on a single screen (rather than asking you to tap between multiple views). If you’re a fan of TripIt — and if you’re travelling often you really should be — and you also happen to own an Android tablet, grab the app now and take it from there.

TripIt – Travel Organizer (FREE) [Google Play link]

  • Elias


    LOVE TripIt, just so much! Such an amazing app…I use it
    every time I travel, whether its an hour and a half flight to Vegas or over a
    longer International trip. It’s truly helped my last three vacations as near
    perfect as humanly possible.  Another
    favorite app I use, not just when I travel but, really, any time I have some
    time to kill, is the DISH Remote Access app that I first learned about through my
    job at DISH. With it, I can watch live or recorded programs off my home
    receiver using just my Droid or tablet, as long as I’ve got a 3G or wifi
    connection. It’s perfect for getting through layovers, jetlag, or just standing
    in line at the DMV.

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