Flipboard for iPhone enters China

Flipboard for iPhone enters China

The Chinese edition of Flipboard is no longer something only iPad owners can enjoy – it’s now also available for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Similarly to the U.S./international version, the iPhone app uses a vertical flip so that the content can be accessed even when holding the phone in one hand. Simply thumb-swipe up to flip through articles and if you spot something interesting, tap to slide the story open and swipe back to return to where you left off.

Moreover, the Chinese Flipboard doesn’t work with Facebook but with local social networks like Sina Weibo and Renren, both of which are popular in the world’s most populous country. However, the core functionality remains intact, allowing you to access updates and photos from your social circle.

Rest of the features are pretty much the same (when compared to the international version of Flipboard) and you’ll be getting nicely-formatted news based on your interests…

To download Flipboard for the Chinese market, simply search for it in your local App Store and take it from there.

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