Quench your thirst for DoTA on iOS with Gamevil’s Plants War

I’ve always been a fan of DoTA style games ever since the first DoTA mods made their way to World of Warcraft III. The combination of RPG elements with real-time strategy gameplay kept me entertained for hours on end. That’s why when I hear Gamevil published a DoTA style game for iOS at the extremely low price of free, I knew I had to check it out.

As with traditional DoTA style games, you’ll be in charge of controlling your hero while your base automatically produces units that will attack anything that gets in their way. Plants War is a F2P game that has you earning coins and leafs that can be used to unlock new heroes with different attributes, as well as new units that offer a wide-variety of strategy.

Plants War offers 3D graphics as well as Retina display support, although the 3D models aren’t of the the highest of quality. When you consider this game is completely free, then I can overlook its low quality 3D models. Each level can be replayed through one of three difficulty settings which bump up this game’s replayability seeing as the increased difficulties offer quite a challenge.

If you love DoTA and wish there was a worthwhile game on your iOS device, then you should take a look at Plants War. Seeing as its a completely free game, it won’t hurt your wallet to check it out.

Plants War (FREE)

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