Starbucks’ iPhone app gets PayPal support in the U.S. and Canada

Starbucks' iPhone app gets PayPal support in the U.S. and Canada

Starbucks, which is not only the leading coffee chain but also an innovator in the mobile payments industry, yet again updated its iPhone apps, making it even easier to pay for your favorite hot drink using nothing but your phone. The application now support PayPal, allowing you to use the popular payment method to Reload your Starbucks credit. Moreover, the overall reload experience is now “optimized for easier auto reload set up,” which is Starbucks way to keep you chained to their coffee — not that you actually need an extra incentive.

In addition, there are speed and performance improvements under the hood, redesigned coffee experience (new coffee profiles are introduced – Blonde, Medium and Dark) and Twitter integration with the iOS 5. Finally, the U.S. version of the app has Card, My Starbucks Rewards and Store Locator optimized for accessibility…

So what are you waiting for? Update Starbucks on your iPhone or grab the app now if for some reason you still don’t have it running on your beloved smartphone.

Starbucks (FREE) [iTunes link]
Starbucks Canada (FREE) [iTunes link]

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