Hero Academy will receive universal iPad support and new Tribe team

Robot Entertainment’s Hero Academy has been receiving quite the love from its developers as it was a little over a month ago when they introduced a new team, The Dwarves, as well as offering Game Center support. Today, they announce another big update is planned for the game very soon.

The next update for Hero Academy will finally bring universal iPad support to the game. The iPad version of Hero Academy has been fully optimized for the iPad with improved graphics and more screen space. I’ve been playing Hero Academy on my iPad from time to time when my iPhone is out of reach, and to have full iPad support is going to be the bees knees.

Not only will the game have full iPad support, but a new team will also be made available. The team is called the Tribe and they’re said to play as a more aggressive team and live for battle. When a teammate is defeated in battle, the rest of the Tribe will become enraged. Here’s a quick rundown of the new units as well as their powers in battle:

  • Warrior – Bred for battle, the ruthless warrior can instantly K.O. any enemy unit at or below 50% health.
  • Axe Thrower – The axe thrower deals 100 extra damage to enemies above 50% health.
  • Witch – Wielding dark magic, the witch explodes fallen heroes at range to damage nearby enemies.
  • Shaman – The shaman is a master of the healing arts whose healing spells chain through multiplle allies, even heroes already at full health.
  • Chieftan – Leading the Tribe into battle is a brutal AOE fighter who can pull surrounding enemies close, or charge out to attack distant enemies.

Several new Tribe avatar packs and a Tribe-inspired playing field will also be made available in the upcoming update. The new playing field features a new magical defense premium square and barbed crystals that are able to defend themselves from attackers. The new playing field will be made available for free to all Hero Academy players.

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