Cops can bypass iPhone security in about two minutes

If you think your iPhone is secure with that four-digit passcode, you’d better think again. It turns out that law enforcement can bypass this in less than two minutes thanks to some special software from Micro Systemation.

Forbes pointed out that the software from Micro Systemation can get by your passcode on the iPhone or Android, dump the data on to a PC, decrypt that and then give the police all your information. This includes calls, GPS, files and even (yikes!) a keystroke log.

“After twenty years or so, people understand they shouldn’t do naughty things on their personal computers, but they still don’t understand that about phones. From an evidential point of view, it’s of tremendous value,” said Mike Dickinson, the marketing director for Micro Systemation, to Forbes.

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised about law enforcement having this capability so just don’t expect your equipment to be safe because you have a password.

Check out the demonstration video below.

[Via Forbes, photo via Paul Keller]

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