Satisfy your gaming sweet tooth with Coco Loco; Now with Retina support

Are you familiar with Where’s My Water? and Angry Birds, but wish both games could be combined and star two of your favorite desserts: Marshmallows and Chocolate? That’s exactly what you’ll get with Chillingo’s latest puzzle game, Coco Loco.

Players of Where’s My Water? and Angry Birds will feel right at home with Coco Loco as you’ll work your way through 75 levels across 5 different stages. Each level in the game will require you to smack multiple marshmallow in order to free your captured marshmallow friends from captivity. The way to do that is to solve each puzzle which will release a deliciously beautiful flow of chocolate at the marshmallow, which will release them. You’ll come across a number of different marshmallows with different skills such as a Ninja Marshmallow that will cut through ropes and a Sumo Marshmallow which will drop straight down at the tap of the screen.

Coco Loco recently received a nice update that takes advantage of the new iPad’s Retina Display. The game already looked amazing on the iPad 2, but seeing it perform on the retina display makes the game look absolutely gorgeous. I’m still very impressed with how the developers made the chocolate look as not only does it move very fluidly, but its shimmer makes it look extremely realistic.

Love Where’s My Water? and Angry Birds? Then you ought to give Coco Loco a try as it offers a nice little spin on both titles.

Coco Loco ($.99)

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