SEGA restructuring to focus on publishing digital content

As a long time fan of SEGA for both their historic games and video game consoles, today isn’t a fun one in the entertainment industry as SEGA has announced it will be cutting jobs in order to focus on its publishing business for digital content with some packaged retail games from the Sonic the Hedgehog, Football Manager, Aliens, and Total War. Any other planned retail games will be cancelled.

SEGA for the past couple of years has been doing very well with its digital content, especially those that have reached the mobile platform. SEGA All-Star Racing, Sonic the Hedgehog Episode I and Sonic CD are just a few titles SEGA has published on mobile platforms and have received much love from the gaming community. Its retail games, on the other hand, have not been doing as great as sales have been steadily declining.

What does this mean for you, the mobile gamer? This can certainly be seen as good news for the mobile gaming community as it nearly guarantees more SEGA titles will be made available on mobile and digital platforms. We’ve only received the tip of the SEGA iceberg as they can certainly bring other big games onto mobile platforms like Crazy Taxi and the newly announced, Jet Set Radio HD. They have quite the stable of past successful games they can optimize for mobile platforms.

I know I for one will be ponying up my cash for Sonic the Hedgehog: Episode II when its released on iOS, Android, and WP7 to show my support for the company whose games I’ve played for nearly all of my life. Not only is the game looking fantastic, but it’ll also serve as my way showing respect to one of my favorite video game publishers.

  • Anonymous

    I will not buy another Sega game for mobile… I have both Sonic CD and Sonic 4 Episode I. There is no way to allow and configure joypad. Sorry but Honeycomb and ICS have usb support for joypad and every major emulator app (paid & free) has built in support for joypad. Sega like EA release the games and never update or enhance them. I’d rather spend $3-4 on a freemium or on indie devs that get their games updated and fixed than supporting dinosaurs with their antiquated business model

  • Anonymous

    Thats the thing man, Sega is jsut cool like that and it knows it. Wow.
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  • i’ve been enjoying sonic cd and sonic 2 on iOS. Maybe there’s hope they’ll release some other classic games from my youth like vector man and phantasy star iv.

    • Daniel Perez

      I’m hoping this same exact thing. I can imagine a whole slew on classic Genesis and even Dreamcast titles that would make a killing on mobile.

  • Steve

    I think Sega is missing an opportunity here.  What they should do is build a competing product to Sony’s Vita or whatever they called that phone/handheld..  Base it on Android and leave it open and hackable to attract the geek crowd.

    • Mitch

      HAHAHAHAHA… yea they should pour as money as they can to compete in a fight that they lost 10 years ago

    • Daniel Perez

      Not entirely sure about this idea. SEGA completely gave up the dream of manufacturing a console after the Dreamcast, which in my opinion, was my favorite console of last generation.

      The company’s performance has been slowly dwindling as a good majority of their games have received lukewarm reviews from journalists. I mean, how many Sonic games did the company develop before they had another hit with Sonic Generations?

      This is something that is heartbreaking to report, but certainly nothing surprising if you’ve followed SEGA’s performance over the last few years.

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