Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus goes on sale on April 22nd?

Sprint's Galaxy Nexus goes on sale on April 22nd?

Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus version has been announced few months ago but we still don’t know when you’ll be able to grab one. If you recall, this particular Google phone is slated to be the first LTE device on the Now Network so it’s fair to presume it’s Samsung and Google waiting for Sprint rather than the other way round.

Now thanks to the leaked document, provided to The Verge by an anonymous Walmart employee, we think we have the date. It’s set for April 22nd, or at least at that point the retail giant will start accepting orders at its discount club store – Sam’s Club.

Aside from Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus, the same document also reveals launch dates for Verizon’s still unannounced Intensity III feature phone (April 26) and Sprint’s LG Viper LTE (April 15). We’ll make sure to follow up on this story and let you know as soon as we have this confirmed. Stay tuned in the meantime…

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