iPad now at the top of Consumer Reports tablet list

In case you haven’t perused any tech blog over the last month, Apple’s new iPad (3rd gen) is good. Really good. It should come as no surprise that Consumer Reports named the new iPad the best tablet on the market today.

The report highlights the gorgeous 2,048 x 1,536 Retina display as the standout feature of the new iPad, boldly stating that the display sets a new benchmark for tablet display excellence and that it “provid[es] the best rendering of detail and color accuracy we’ve ever seen on a tablet display.” We couldn’t agree more; a few of us own Apple’s 3rd-gen iPad and I personally am blown away by the crispness of the display, even compared to the Super AMOLED displays found in Samsung’s Galaxy line of Android tablets.

Consumer Reports was so blown away by the Retina display that they established the iPad as the sole holder of an excellent rating in the display category, at least until other tablets come along with high-definition displays. ASUS will reportedly be the first of the Android tablet manufacturers to produce such a display, though whether that will create sales numbers better than the rather abysmal 80,000 Transformer Prime units sold remains to be seen.

The top dog rating comes despite a few customer concerns regarding the iPad, most notably the fact that the iPad runs hotter than previous models, and doesn’t charge when playing a demanding game with a fully brightened screen. Consumer Reports confirmed these complaints, but noted that their rating of the iPad was not affected by those concerns, which makes sense when you consider these are minor annoyances rather than glaring issues with the device.

Though the iPad specs overall was only an incremental increase from the iPad 2, the Retina display on the new iPad cements the iPad’s status as the tablet to beat, and it easily deserved the best overall tablet rating bestowed upon it by Consumer Reports.

[via Consumer Reports]


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