Super Meat Boy: The Game coming to iOS and other mobile platforms

Fans of twitch platformer Super Meat Boy who have been dying for an mobile port will finally have a version of the game to take around with them wherever they go as Team Meat announced over the weekend they’re currently developing Super Meat Boy: The Game for iOS.

In a blog post on the Team Meat website, they say the game will not be a simple port of Super Meat Boy due to the game relying on quick action with precision controls in order to complete. Instead, the Team Meat crew decided to develop an entirely new Super Meat Boy game on mobile platforms, which they are calling Super Meat Boy: The Game.

The game is said to be a feature length touch-screen specific adventure and will not be the same Super Meat Boy that fans will be expecting. There will be new art, audio, and pretty much everything else will be new while offering familiar aspects of the Super Meat Boy game. Judging by the screenshot released by Team Meat, my guess would be we can expect Super Meat Boy would need to save his girlfriend from Dr. Fetus over and over again while avoiding deadly obstacles.

  • Chrishicksfl


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