Android and iPhone gain market share says comScore’s February 2012 numbers

According to comScore, only Google’s Android handsets and the Apple’s iPhone are gaining market share in the US. Other competitors, like RIM and Microsoft, are continuing their downward fall. These latest figures come from a survey of over 30,000 US subscribers who were polled during the three months ending on February 2012.

During this time, Android grew by 3.2 percentage points to grab more than half (50.1 percent) of all US smartphone subscribers. Apple climbed 1.5 percentage points to hold steady in second place with a 30.2 percent share. Not surprisingly, RIM dropped 3.2 percentage points and now claims 13.4 percent of the US smartphone market. Microsoft with its Windows Phone and legacy Windows Mobile platform is still a speck with only 3.9 percent of market share.

On a manufacturer basis, Samsung is the top OEM with 25.6 percent of US mobile subscribers. LG, which has a diverse portfolio of feature phones, comes in second with 19.4 percent, while Apple climbed past Motorola to claim third place. Apple’s ascent is an impressive feat for a company that only sells a smartphone and has no feature phones in its handset lineup.

[Via comScore]

  • This is only because Android and iPhone offers what people
    really need in a smartphones. They made people satisfied with their products.

  • Babbeloo

    Just wait and see. Nokia’s Windows phone Lumia 900 is just released in April. This poll is from February.

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