MetroPCS raises unlimited data plan to $70, throttles cheaper plans

MetroPCS has put into effect a price hike on its top-tier data plan. A plan that once costed $60 per month to receive unlimited calling, texting, data including 4G LTE, email and either MetroStudio on-demand video or Rhapsody now costs $70 but it throws both the MetroStudio and Rhapsody music. Considering all you get, it’s still a pretty good value.

In related news, MetroPCS has began throttling the cheaper 4G LTE plans. The $60 per month plan which includes all of the above minus MetroStudio on-demand video supports 4G LTE speeds for the first 5GB of data usage per month. The $50 per month unlimited talk, text and data plan throttles after the first 2.5GB of data and the $40 plan does so after 250MB of data.

Respectably, MetroPCS makes this perfectly clear on its website so you at least know what to expect. The majority of subscribers paying $50 or more per month shouldn’t even be affected by throttling unless they’re consuming more than 2.5GB of data per month. Hell, I don’t even do that.

“Even though 4G LTE speeds may be reduced, because of the ‘always on’ nature of our 4G LTE network, the experience for the majority of what a customer does on a daily basis, like Facebook, web surfing, etc., should continue to be solid,” said spokesman for MetroPCS Drew Crowell. He also notes that in previous plans, when customers reached certain monthly limitations, they were unable to access that content. With the new plans, they can upgrade at any time during the month to a more expensive option to start utilizing extra data.

[via FierceWireless]

  • Sasy

    this is not a good value… you can get this “value” at many other competitors with faster speeds and better reception less calls dropped serious if you have not used theyre network dont compare apples to oranges. MetroPCS has slower internet than the competitor that even runs the same 4G LTE networks. For them to charge as much is wrong I will switch before putting up with this garbage companies policy. They used an old bait and switch tactic soon all theyre plans will be $100 if you put up with this (Un?) “Limmited” network. Theres better phones at competitors, better speeds, better service, better insurance plans, and all out better plans (even non contract plans) wich will kill anything metro can do… 250mb data cap is crap for the “best value”plan they have. u can burn throught that in 1 hr. Goodbye MetroPCSs you got to greedy you no longer save me money so times to depart.

    -1 customer

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