Nearly 70% of American Android users can’t figure out how to connect to a WiFi network

Mobile data isn’t free. You know that, we know that, and we thought everyone else knew that, but according to a recent survey that was done by comScore, we couldn’t have been more wrong. They say that 29% of iPhone users in the US connect to the internet using nothing but cellular data. That number shrinks down to just 13% in the UK. But what about Android? An amazing 68% of Americans depend on their operator’s data network to connect to the internet, meaning they never bother configuring their device to join a WiFi network. That number falls to 43% in the UK, which is still pretty bad. Which operators have the most savviest customers? AT&T in the US, with 58% of their users smart enough to go through their settings menu. And Orange in the UK, with 76% of people knowing how to turn on WiFi. Which operators have the dumbest customers? Sprint in the US, just 29% of their customers bothering to join WiFi network. And Three in the UK, with 56% of their customers doing the same thing.

We can’t stress this enough, setup your WiFi! Chances are you use your device most often while you’re at work, at home, or at your friend’s place. The only time you should be relying on your 3G or 4G connection is when you’re either commuting or when you need to look something up immediately. Sure, it’s easier and faster to just do everything via your operator’s network, but it’ll cost you in the long run. Unless you have an unlimited data plan, we have to wonder what’s wrong with you?

The question that operators should be asking themselves now is how do they make connecting to WiFi easier? With more people going through a WiFi network, that obviously translates to more capacity on the cellular network. May we suggest NFC enabled WiFi routers that make connecting just a simple tap away?

No one likes those insanely long strings of alphanumeric characters.

  • Jim

    So if 70% of Android users can’t figure out how to connect to wifi then 99.9% of iPhone users can’t.

    • Gavin Klahr

      What percentage of Android bigots can’t read the stat in the article they’re commenting on?

  • TrinNY

    So I guess this also assumes 100% cell phone users have wifi at home and 100% businesses let employees connect personal devices to their wifi networks

  • TrinNY

    So I guess this also assumes 100% cell phone users have wifi at home and 100% businesses let employees connect personal devices to their wifi networks

  • I’m sure it’s because grandma and grandpa own android devices because they are cheap, and they don’t even know they are connecting to the net on their Android device.

  • Bob1

    You, Sir, are an idiot. In all probability, the underlying reasons are that Android users can afford to use their carrier’s unlimited data plans, while iPhone users, having already spent a fortune on their foundation of self-esteem, an iPhone, are forced to “choose” limited data plans. Also, iTunes puts a limit on how much can be used via 3G and forces one to use WiFi after that.

    • Daniel Perez

      I have an iPhone with an unlimited data plan. Thus, your argument is invalid.

    • Gavin Klahr

      “Also, iTunes puts a limit on how much can be used via 3G and forces one to use WiFi after that.”
      If the author is a so-called idiot for making inferences, what does the flat out lie in your above statement make you?

    • Guest

       > having already spent a fortune on their foundation of self-esteem, an iPhone

      You mean my $49 iphone????   That’s a “fortune”?

  • Scouse

    To say Three UK has the dumbest users is pretty stupid to be honest. The Three network offers affordable and truly unlimited data plans so the fact that Three users haven’t had to bother connecting their device to wifi to save money isn’t dumb at all. I would say the dumb people are those who sign up to a 24 month fixed data contract then find out afterwards how expensive it is if they exceed their data limit and then have to make do with wifi and the rationing of their mobile data use to keep their monthly bills down.

  • Snake Plissken

    There’s a difference between not knowing how to connect to a Wi-Fi network, and using a data plan.

  • Anonymous

    I find that rather ODD that so many people can’t figure out HOW to connect to their Wifi network. They don’t read manuals….or go online and even GOOGLE it. What about the good old ASKING someone how to do it! I find it strange …. lol

  • Carlos C

    why am I not surprised?

  • Anonymous

    I think its stupid that you should have to connect to a wifi network…EVERY NETWORK PROVIDER makes it a requirement to have a data package on any smartphone no matter what size.  You force us to buy data on your network and then tell us that we need to get off and use someone else’s network to gain internet access.  Something about his doesn’t add up.

  • The last time I connected to a starboucks network (like the one in your picture) it took 4 tries for it to actually connect and then it took me 4 minutes to load a simple page that my 4g T-mobile network can load in 2 seconds.  Don’t even try to download a file.  It won’t happen.

    Here you are recommending everyone connect to any WIFI network that the you can “to save money”.  What about all the articles I have read that talk about the security risks (starting with any data you transfer being easily intercepted) of connecting to an unsecured network? 

    Also everytime I go to a friends house I am supposed to ask them to give me their WIFI password?  I guess I will only have to task for it the first time I visit right?

    And as someone else posted my work is not interested in providing free WIFI for me to use while I am supposed to be working.

    I could not disagree more with this entire article.

  • Easybucketz

    This article is misleading they are taking percentages and then making up their own head line. It’s not that Android users don’t know to setup they’re wifi, it’s just that we have the option of 4g which Apple doesn’t on their phones. So yea if I was only restricted to 3g I’d throw my phone on just about any wifi connection because it’s 9/10 going to be faster. I do use wifi at home but that’s because it’s only my devices on the network not 30 to 40 people. At my job my 4g is much more reliable and faster than the wifi. Not every wifi connection is going to be like your home wifi. but like I said if Apple users had the luxury of 4g i believe the numbers would be very didn’t. Why don’t you stop trying to bash Android users and why don’t you talk about how Apple users are the highest % of people walking around thinking their phone is 4g just because it says 4 on it.lmao

    • Gavin Klahr

      You’re point is invalidated by your justification; you still hook up to wifi when it’s advantageous for you, so that puts you in the other camp. We’re talking about users who NEVER connected to wifi, even once.

    • lilkiduno

      This is the most stupid argument I have read. Not all Androids have 4g connection. So there goes half your argument. Also 3g is faster then most WiFi connections I have connected to via my iPhone. Android has 53% of the mobile market, and if 70% of their users do not use WiFi that is a LARGE number of people. Not everyone in the group has 4G. 4G is still a newer technology which started to introduce itself two years ago and really started picking up about a year ago. Apple builds their phone much like their computers. To their standards and compatible with their software. There has been 7 releases of iPhone, how many Android based phones are there? Some of which are/were so buggy at release. Just wait until they release a new version of flash to a different version of the android operating system. The iPhone doesn’t have that issue. Yes they had the antenna issue I’ll give you that. But in the end of the day I expect Android to have a dominate share in the overall mobile users due to market being flooded with android supported devices. 

  • Seriously? That’s just sad.

  • Guest

    “Connecting” to wi-fi is too hard… or “setting up your own wi-fi access point” is too hard?

    “Connecting” involves almost nothing.  “The password” or “no password” is about all you need to do.  Once.

  • Anonymous

    “Nearly 70% of American Android Users Don’t Connect To WiFi Networks”

    There, I fixed that for you. Connecting to wi-fi takes only a few taps, so there are likely a variety of other factors affecting this number. For example, there are plenty of areas where the 4g as fast as most internet connections, there are also a boatload of cheap/old Android devices that people don’t bother to connect to wi-fi. 

  • Milo Noblet

    Three’s customers aren’t the dumbest – they are probably some of the more intelligent and the more prudent. Three’s USP is their truly unlimited data plans and fast speeds for good prices, so people can afford to use mobile data all the time. For example, the One Plan gives customers 2000 minutes, 5000 texts and unlimited data for just £25 per month (
    39.2475 USD).  Or for just £15 per month, 300 minutes, 3000 texts and unlimited data.

  • Denny

    Well since Sprint requires unlimited data plans for their smartphones it makes sense why only 29% have connected to Wi-Fi. Since at&t was the first to cap their data plans, it makes sense why 58% of them have used Wi-Fi.

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