Instagram for Android logs 1million downloads in 24 hours

Instagram for Android downloaded more than 1 million times

Think people were anxiously awaiting Instagram for Android? In about a day, the photo-sharing app has logged at least 1 million downloads from the Google Play Store.

Mashable points out that the Play Store says it has 1-5 million downloads, so we don’t know the exact number. Regardless, it’s quite an impressive debut even if it wasn’t without a few stumbles.

I anxiously downloaded it on the HTC One X the minute I heard it was available and wanted to take a picture. The app loaded fine and I was able to take a picture but it kept crashing to the main menu. The company quickly pushed out an update to fix it for many Android phones but once I updated it I was hit with this discouraging image:

Hopefully, these issues will be fixed soon, as it’s clear there are a ton of Instagram Android fans who want to share their pictures with filters. Has Instagram on Android been working well for you? What’s your favorite filter?

[Via Mashable]

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