Burnout CRASH! coming to iOS this month; Deemed “Hofftastic”

It was last October when EA announced Burnout Crash would be making its way to the iOS platform during the holiday season, even allowing me to get some hands-on time with an early build of the game. In case you’ve been in a coma for the past 6 months, the holidays are extremely over and the game has yet to be released. That’s all about to change as EA has given the word that we could expect Burnout Crash to make its way to iOS later this month.

Seeing as this is quite the momentous occasion for Criterion Games and EA, they decided to hire none other than The Hof himself, David Hasselhoff. When he isn’t drunkenly attempting to eat a cheeseburger off of the ground, he apparently knows how to use an iPad well enough to play a game of Burnout Crash. Seeing as this is quite a rare occasion, similar to seeing a leprechaun mugging a unicorn, a crowd has gathered around The Hof to witness this life changing moment.

Want to know exactly what to expect from Burnout Crash? Then you, sir or madam, need to read my hands-on preview.

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