HTC One X vs. HTC One S

HTC One X vs. One S

We’ve just reviewed HTC’s latest amazing handsets – the One X and the One S – but we decided to pit the two head-to-head in the video below. Which one came out on top?

Without spoiling much, it’s probably not surprising to know that the quad-core, high-end One X generally performed better but the One S was no slouch. With its sexy design and subtle finish, it performed very smoothly: switching between apps was quick, launching new ones was fast and the overall experience was excellent.

The One X had a few advantages though, as its 720p screen looked much better and just made it pop in your hand more than the One S. It also had the Tegra 3 quad-core chip, so some games looked noticeably better than on the SnapDragon-powered One S. Still, the One X and One S will delight users but those wanting the bleeding-edge may want to go with the X.

Also, our friends at Engadget did an extensive comparison of the two. Check it out here.

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  • hater on the rocks

    well that’s only the international verison i heard and read that the us verison of the one x for att is going to get the dual core instead of the tegra 3 because the tegra 3 doesnt have the connectivity to the lte network so does that basically mean their the same but the one x has a bigger screen then the one s? right?

    • Anonymous

      Dual-core SnapDragon S4 in the AT&T One X. I believe it’s due to LTE but not 100 percent confirmed. 

  • What would the speeds be for an international unlocked One X be on T-moibles network?

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