The Witcher coming to iPhone, iPad in interactive comic form on April 17th

CD Project RED’s The Witcher franchise has been doing extremely well for the company, with The Witcher 2 getting set to release on the Xbox 360 in just a few weeks. The company announced today an interactive comic will be releasing on April 17th, the same day The Witcher 2 will be released on the Xbox 360.

The interactive comic will be available for free and will allow players to interact with the game by way of touchscreen controls. During a presentation held by the company today, a video clip was shown of the player swiping the screen in order to swing a sword, and then a moment later using the touchscreen to undress a young maiden.

No other information regarding the interactive comic was given, but when you combine a free game with having the ability to undress women at a simple swipe, you have officially hit App gold. I’ve been trying to do that to my fiance, but I just end up poking her violently until she disrobes.

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