Google Nexus Tablet expected in July

Google Nexus tablet could land in July

We’ve been hearing loud rumblings that a Google Nexus tablet would be landing soon and that Google would be offering this and other Android tablets directly to consumers through an online store. Well, the folks at The Verge are reporting that we shouldn’t expect Google’s tablet until July at the earliest.

While it’s tough to really call this a “delay” because the device has never been officially announced, The Verge said that Google originally wanted the tablet out in May. The report suggests that Google is pushing it back in order to get it out at a lower price.

There has been some speculation that the Google tablet will be the Asus quad-core tablet we saw and it was supposed to have a $250 price tag. Google supposedly wants to get that down to at least $199, if not to $149. It would be very difficult for Google to truly get a Nexus tablet out at this price and still make a profit but it may be willing to subsidize the costs to battle the iPad.

The July time frame might make a bit more sense, as Google is hosting its major I/O conference at the end of June. Along with the Project Glass craziness, I know that Google giving out a free Nexus tablet would make the crowd go crazy.

[Via The Verge]

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