Temple Run for Android hits 5 million downloads

That didn’t take very long. In a matter of about a week and a half, Temple Run hit five million downloads on Android.

Imangi, the company behind Temple Run and other mobile games, had announced that it would arrive on Android soon only a few weeks before the release. Originally exclusive to iOS, it was released onto Google Play March 27th and quickly rose to popularity there as well. At that time, it had already surpassed 40 million downloads on iOS.

Within three days of being available on Android, it added another one million to that count. The latest combined numbers for both Android and iOS have topped 50 million downloads as of a few days ago.

Cofounder of Imangi, the company behind Temple Run, Natalia Luckyanova tweeted an interesting tidbit regarding the rise in support emails the day Temple Run for Android launched.

“99.9% of support emails are complaining their device isn’t supported. We currently support 707 devices. Mindblowing,” she said.

It’s shocking how fragmentation can be such a problem for some users, who in turn make it a problem for developers. In the case of Temple Run, however, 707 devices supports the overwhelming majority of Android users and it’s clearly enough to skyrocket the game to five million downloads so rapidly.

In related news, popular mobile photo-sharing app Instagram was finally ported to Android this week after a lengthy committed relationship with iOS. It obtained the one-million-download mark from Google Play in just 24 hours, practically sailing by Temple Run’s achievement.

[via The Next Web]

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