Lumia 900 at the top of Amazon’s cell phone charts

The Nokia Lumia 900 officially became available yesterday and some of the early returns look promising.

The folks over at Laptop Mag noticed that the flagship Windows Phone climbed to the top of Amazon’s sales list, ahead of some high-end Android devices. No doubt, the price has to help as you can get the Lumia 900 from Amazon for a cool $49.99 on a new, two-year contract. That is quite a good deal.

That discounted price makes it very attractive but Amazon was also one of the places you could actually buy the Lumia 900 yesterday. In its infinite wisdom, AT&T decided to launch this hero phone on Easter Sunday and a lot of stores weren’t even open. Face, meet palm.

We’ve also seen some scattered reports about mobile data issues with the Lumia 900. In particular, some are saying it’s difficult to get data back when you’ve put it in airplane mode, powered it down or restarted. We had some minor issues with this as well but Nokia told us it was due to the provided microSIM they gave us. We swapped it out for another and had no issues with the 4G LTE connections.

Who bought a Lumia 900 over the weekend?

Review: Nokia Lumia 900

[Via Laptop Mag, Mobile Burn]

  • Samantha Gore

    Great Phone!!  I love it, and I had an iphone for 3+ years!! 

    My iphone data darta plan had not trasferred to the new 4G LTE, but once I contacted AT&T they transferred my old data plan to the new Lumia 900 data plan offering (same features, plan, etc. just a name change)

  • I received my Lumia900 on Friday from preordering from AT&T. So far it’s very good. I’ve been using it with only WiFi and so far everything has been smooth(no lags, glitches). Have the Lumia900 loaded with all my media(pics, music, vids, podcasts) and there’s about 4GB left. There’s a bit of concern for me regarding the non-removable battery since I consider myself a heavy user. My last WP7 devices were the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus and they both allowed me to buy extra batteries and swap them in. If the Lumia900 gains traction here in the USA and a booming aftermarket makes good battery sleeves, then the Lumia900 won’t be a dead weight in 2yrs. I thought about the Titan 2 but apparently HTC decided to seal that battery also which puzzles me since the 1st Titan was perfectly fine. Go figure. So far the Lumia900 is a keeper.

  • No

    That muppet Stefan should read this article…

  • Lumia900 is one great phone indeed. Totally digging the features.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the feedback

  • Anonymous

    I love my lumia 900 as well and I don’t have any glitches or issues so far.

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