Trading Card legend Topps goes mobile with two iOS apps

For many of us baseball fans, the Topps name brings back memories of yesteryear, to the days where we adamantly collected baseball cards by the bunch for each new season. Sadly, not too many people collect baseball cards anymore, and with the growing trend towards consuming content on mobile devices, the practice isn’t looking like it’ll pick up anytime soon.¬†Topps is certainly aware of the importance mobile is playing in people’s lives, and is embracing mobile by releasing two iOS applications as the 2012 baseball season opens.

Topps BUNT

Topps BUNT is an iPad app sure to please the fantasy baseball crowd. BUNT is a social game that pits you against friends from Facebook and Twitter, as well as random opponents in the leaderboard. You get to pick 9 players from the 30 MLB teams, and the better your selected players perform, the more points you get. You aren’t tasked with filling all positions on a team; you can pick 9 center fielders if you so desire.

All the customary fantasy baseball actions are here. You can keep track of how your players are performing live via the in-game tracker, and if you don’t like how your players are performing, you can trade with other users or trade in your players for new ones.

The BUNT interface is fairly slick, and is sure to make those of us baseball card collectors feel a sense of nostalgia. You can get your hands on Bunt on the App Store for free.

Topps Pennant

Topps Pennant is available for both iPhone and iPad, and runs for $2.99 for a limited time, and will go up to $3.99 later in the season. Pennant bills itself as the modern box score, and is worth a look even if you already have a box score application such as MLB At Bat. What makes Pennant unique is both the UI, and the historical aspects of the application. Pennant features box scores of all games from the ones that happened last night and going all the way back to the 1952 season. That’s right, you can view box scores and statistics from as early as 1952, bringing a whopping 60 years of historical nerdery.

While you won’t be able to get a live look in at games that are currently going on, the ability to relive historical games and the impressive user interface make this $2.99 application an easy sell for the hardcore baseball fan.

[via TechCrunch]

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