Jon Stewart pokes fun at Google Glasses and Facebook-Instagram deal

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show is poking fun at the latest technology news once more. This time, he’s left quite confused over why Google Glasses is beneficial and why Facebook would ever spend $1 billion on something as stupid as Instagram.

First talking about Google’s Glasses technology, he initially seems enthusiastic that “the Google we all love” can be with us anywhere. Of course later on that’s revealed to be sarcasm. After watching Google’s demonstration video of what it would be like using the glasses, Stewart proclaims, “Let me say something. In New York, that motherfucker is going to get hit by a car.” Well played, Jon. He then cleverly compares it to the classic Beggin’ Strips dog food commercial.

Next to be victimized are Facebook and Instagram for the $1 billion acquisition. “Oh my God! That’s unbelievable! What’s Instagram?” he says. “A billion dollars of money? For a thing that kind of ruins your pictures?” In order to explain the situation better, The Daily Show’s “senior youth correspondent” breaks it down for him in a bit more, let’s say, comparative manner.

Jon Stewart has this fantastic way of taking something people love, making fun of it and actually getting those people to question the love for it. Instagram is the example here. I have to say I’m an avid Instagram user myself, but I suppose it is one of those love-it-or-hate-it services. You either use it frequently because you like adding personality to your pictures and sharing them with friends, or you don’t because you think it’s a dumb waste of time. As for Google Glasses, well, he isn’t exactly the first person to make fun of it.

Check out the full video on The Daily Show’s website.

[via Marketing Land]

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    Baffles me too Jon Stewart….but hey…I’m no visionary ………..right?

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