Texting and walking is yet again proven unsafe – Man almost walks into a bear

Yeah, we know you do it. We do it, too. Still, that doesn’t make texting and walking a safe habit, and this story highlights just this. No, no one fell into a manhole or walked off of a pier this time around but a man almost walked right into a bear that has been stalking the streets of a La Crescenta, California neighborhood.

The 400 lbs. bear has apparently been stalking the neighborhood for the past few weeks, in which it had stolen food from a resident’s refrigerator at some point. Adorable, isn’t it? Back to the story.

The KTLA Los Angeles new station had caught the bear walking around through the neighborhood. A man who was walking and texting down a sidewalk, completely oblivious, looked up to see a massive bear just feet away from him. Of course, he turned and ran away at that point. We’re sure that if there were a closer shot of the¬†incident, we would also be able to capture the man peeing his pants.

Shortly afterwards, the bear was caught, tranquilized, and released back into the wild.

For once, the Project Glass somehow seems much more safe.

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