Max Payne Mobile released on iPad, iPhone for $2.99

Rockstar Games announced late last year they were working on a mobile version of Max Payne to be released some time in March 2012. March 2012 came and went, but a couple of days ago it was revealed that Max Payne would be released on April 12th. Well, April 12th is here and Max Payne has officially been made available for all iOS devices from the iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4s and all iPads.

Max Payne Mobile brings the critically acclaimed third-person shooter to the digital age as the game has been completely optimized for iOS devices with HD graphics, high-res textures, user-customizable controls and the ability to connect to Rockstar’s Social Club network. The game can be played through three levels of difficulty, and a new mode called “New York Minute” which challenges players to complete each level within a certain time limit. There’s also an area to learn about Max Payne 3, which when you select it, takes you right to the Max Payne 3 website.

Just like with Grand Theft Auto III‘s release on mobile devices, players need to keep in mind this was a game originally published on a console in the late 90s – early 2000s. Rockstar did a great job updating its graphics to be more HD, but don’t expect a complete makeover, especially with Max Payne’s iconic “What’s that smell?” facial expression. The game’s action and storyline will certainly keep you entertained from start to finish and will also get you ready for when Max Payne 3 is released in May.

But wait – I didn’t even get to the best part yet. If you own a new iPad, Max Payne Mobile takes full advantage of its retina display and the game is universal, although I haven’t tested if the game has cross-platform save support, which I’m doubting at this point. Even better is the fact that the game is available right now for the insane price of $2.99. I KNOW you have $3 in change in your pocket, so throw it at your iOS device and buy this game ASAP.

Max Payne Mobile ($2.99 Universal)

  • Kshitij S

    there seems to be something wrong with the game. it works fine the first time. but if i start it again after closing it completely from the multi task menu it doesn’t work and just refuses to start. can someone help? an this game is on my iPhone 4s

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